Dover Public Safety Town Hall: A Community Conversation

What:  Given the public interest and recent increase in criminal incidences, State Rep. Andria Bennett, Levy Court Commissioner Jim Hosfelt and Dover City Councilman Scott Cole have joined foreces to host a Public Safety Town Hall focused on crime in Dover.  

In the recent weeks Dover's increase in violence has concerned many residents, who are worried about the safety of their neighborhoods.  News outlets have reported Dover's most up-to-date crime statistics, which show that last year the city has had a 14.7 percent increase in violent crimes.  Those crimes include robbery and aggravated assault.  

The Town Hall will look at how to address these incidences and offer an open forum for residents to relay their concerns and learn safety measures.


State Representative Andria Bennett

Levy Court Commissioner Jim Hosfelt

Dover City Councilman Scott Cole

Representatives from the Dover Police Department, Delaware State Police

When: 7 P.M. , June 21, 2017

Where: Kent County Levy Court, 555 S. Bay Rd., Dover